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Still from My Brothers Keeper

Current and former projects

selected works including theater, television, film and interactive work

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A short video reel with some great examples of the work I've been lucky to be a part of. Enjoy.


Prayer for the French Republic

Manhattan Theater Club

Written by Josh Harmon and directed by David Cromer, Prayer for the French Republic is a compelling family drama about five generations of French Jews coping with the harsh realities of anti-Semitism and asking "are we safe here".

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I was fortunate enough to hold a crew position on the upcoming Apple TV production of WeCrashed, working alongside the perpetually impressive Jared Leto. I was even luckier to score a recurring role in the series as Javi.


Three Pregnant Men

Directed by Bennet LT

A documentary crew follows the world’s three first pregnant men throughout the final term of their pregnancies as they try to keep their identities secret from the public & struggle against the corporation that impregnated them. A mockumentary-style comedy about gender, growth, privilege, and empathy.

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Passahe poster.jpg

Produced by Soho Rep

A fantasia on colonialism past and present by Obie Award-winner Christopher Chen, directed by Saheem Ali.

“exquisitely theatrical…guaranteed to raise your heart rate…as dangerous as it is fertile”

Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“an extraordinary new play…unashamedly political yet deeply humane…dares to raise questions that make the audience profoundly uncomfortable, but simultaneously creates a welcoming space to which everyone is invited”

Regina Robbins, Five Star Critics' Pick, Time Out New York

“tense, fascinating…a delicate walk through a field of landmines…balancing right on the edge of a really terrifying kind of despair…Chen wants our active participation, our willing personal soul-searching, no matter how tough things get…there’s real, raw panic in the air”

Sara Holdren, New York Magazine

“brilliant direction..the cast is wildly talented…pristine in its execution”

Ran Xia, Exeunt Magazine

“bristlingly contemporary…a lucid and intellectually nimble investigation into colonialism”

Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times


We Are the Apocalypse!

Directed by Charles William Lane

An "arts collective" turns to terrorism to enact a grand scheme of social justice, but their plans go awry when they realize they've been conned from within. With nothing to lose, they change tack and return to what they know best.

official IMDB link


Suddenly, Banana

Directed by Debby Caplunik

When Oded, an Israeli immigrant in New York, gets frustrated with having to constantly defend his country in conversation an unexpected entity reveals itself to help Oded ask the right questions about what it means to be foreign, political and idealist in new surroundings.

Official IMDB link

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